Feliciano School of Business Starts Entrepreneurship Minor


Published September 14, 2016
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Photo courtesy of BibliothèquesRennes2 (Flickr)
Photo courtesy of BibliothèquesRennes2 (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of BibliothèquesRennes2 (Flickr)

As of the fall 2016 semester, the Feliciano School of Business is offering a newly- implemented minor in entrepreneurship. The program was created at the hands of Montclair State’s students. According to Sharon Waters, program manager and adjunct professor, “Students had been asking for a minor (and major) in entrepreneurship. But it was also always the intention of our director, Dennis Bone, to offer a minor.”

Waters also discussed the development of the minor, which began in spring of 2016: “Our plans are to ramp up to an entrepreneurship concentration within the business administration major. We are currently working on that.”

The new minor is directed toward those who have the intention of opening a business. However, Waters says that the minor is available to all students for the reason that “the minor works well for students who have no interest in starting a business because our entrepreneurship courses teach students to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial—all skills that employers desire in today’s rapidly changing world.”

Twenty-seven students have declared the minor since it became available and the Feliciano School of Business is expecting the number of enrollment to rise as the semester continues.

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