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Grad Students to Submit Theses Electronically Beginning Next Fall

by Lucia Rubi Godoy

For several years, the University Senate has been pushing for Montclair State University to use The Digital Repository to disseminate student and faculty produced research, scholarship and creative content.

During their monthly meeting yesterday, the Senate announced that coming next fall graduate students will be submitting their theses electronically.

“The senate has been pushing for years to get this up and running,” said Senate President David Trubatch.

Library Dean Judith Lin Hunt said during the meeting that the system has been up and running for a while, and President Susan Cole will address it next week.

During the Senate meeting, Trubatch encouraged members of the Senate to nominate themselves or other people in the Senate to be a part of the executive board since elections are coming up and some of the spots are vacant.

“Even if the spot is not vacant, it’s not a problem to have people running who both want to do it,” Trubatch said.

Besides discussing matters that affect Montclair State, Trubatch informed the Senate about a concept named 3+1, adopted by Rowan University in which students can attend Rowan College at Burlington County for three years before attending Rowan University for one year to get a bachelor’s degree. Rowan College is one of two county colleges that has an affiliation with Rowan University.

“It’s actually established not only between community college and Rowan University, but between community college and a private university that operates on their campus,” Trubatch said. “3+1 is being heavily pursued by Rowan University and some associate community colleges.”

Trubatch said that President Cole had expressed educational concerns attached to the concept. Besides the educational concerns, there is the proposal for free community college that Gov. Phil Murphy wants to implement.

“I haven’t talked to one person here who wants to do that,” said Trubatch, when asked if this is an idea that Montclair State wants to implement in the future. “Mostly they are horrified that [it] is happening [in Rowan], but there’s nothing we can do to prevent it.”

This article has been updated on April 21, 2018.

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