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Money Stolen from Montclair Men’s Lacrosse Team at Catholic University

by Heather Berzak

Updated as of April 19, 1:00p.m.

Catholic University said in a written statement that their athletics department has been in contact with the Athletics Department at Montclair State about the locker room theft and confirmed they were giving money back to the players affected.

“We’re sorry that the event overshadowed Montclair State’s visit to Catholic University and wish their lacrosse team success with the rest of their season,” Catholic University’s statement said.

John Birkner, the father of lacrosse player Kyle Birkner,  spoke to head coach of men’s lacrosse Michael Schambach at tonight’s game at Arcadia University, who informed him that Catholic University said that they were making restitution to each player who had money stolen.

“There was a good outcome at the end of it and I think it was a very classy move by the folks at Catholic University,” Birkner said.

He also thanked the coaches and Montclair State Director of Athletics Holly Gera for sticking up for the Montclair State University players.


The Montclair State University men’s lacrosse team took the win against the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. with a score of 14-3, but the game didn’t proceed with a celebration on Saturday, April 14.

John Birkner, the father of midfielder Kyle Birkner, posted to Facebook to express his discouragement with the event that had followed the match.

John Birkner, father of Montclair State lacrosse player Kyle Birkner, wrote on Facebook that the team had money stolen after their game against the Catholic University on April 14.

“Montclair State University men’s lacrosse team had their locker room burglarized yesterday afternoon,” Birkner said. “My son had the two $100 bills I gave him for his birthday stolen.”

Several players from the Montclair State lacrosse team had confirmed with The Montclarion that something happened, but the total number of players that had money stolen and the exact sum of money is not clear at this time.

Birkner blamed Catholic University’s lack of security around the match for the result of this incident.

“I think it’s pretty crappy on Catholic University’s part to have no security available for visiting teams,” Birkner said.

Birkner explained that he had gotten ahold of the Montclair State Director of Athletics Holly Gera and was notified by Gera that Montclair State lacrosse head coach Michael Schambach reported to her what had happened.

Gera stated that the athletic department has reported the incident and had no further comment.

“When you’re a student athlete, their commitment and their daily rigors are significant and the kids don’t really have time to get jobs or part-time jobs to get a little spending money,” Birkner said. “To have it just taken away by a punk is just sad.”

The Catholic University lacrosse department was unavailable for comment.


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