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Multiple Reports of Lewdness Yield Zero Arrests, Police Ask for Community’s Help

by Montclarion News

Leanne Santos walks back to her residence hall. Photo Credit: Madjiguene Traore

When the latest in a string of reported lewdness cases surfaced at the close of the fall 2016 semester, the University Police Department (UPD)assured the community via email that they “are actively working to prosecute individual or individuals responsible and to do not take the matters lightly.”

During the fall semester, Montclair State Police received several reports of individuals spotted outside different areas in the school seemingly exposing themselves or masturbating.

This most recent case, which bears similarities to previous ones, occurred on Dec. 20 at the rear of Hawk Crossing’s Falco complex. The suspect, described as a white male wearing a Captain America shirt, was using a cellphone to illuminate his actions.

“While there may be similarities in these incidents, they have been sporadic to some degree as well,” said Captain Kieran Barrett of UPD.

These reports left the school community in a state of discomfort and wishing for some arrests. These same feelings still persist among the students.

Leanne Santos, a junior studying music education, said the incidents are “definitely weird” and make her uncomfortable. Santos, who is a resident student, shared that other residents talked about it in their dorms and thought that the incidents might be related to “some frat initiation and hazing.”

Quayma Dorch, a junior studying biology living on campus, would like to see more patrol cars around the dorm buildings, especially at night.

With no arrests so far, UPD is still counting on the community’s help and involvement.

“We need continued community input and reporting to ensure we can provide the most appropriate and timely response,” said Barrett.

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