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Mentalist Robert Channing Reads the Minds of Students

by Montclarion News

A student receives a wrist band before entering the Memorial Auditorium to see the mentalist show. Photo by Jeremy Wall

Around 150 students packed into Memorial Auditorium to see the famous mentalist Robert Channing perform Tuesday night. For some students this was their first time watching Channing’s show.

“I have no idea what this is about at all,” said sophomore television and digital media major Blake Camphagen.

Other students new exactly what Channing was about.

“He read my roommate’s fortune and told her she will be really rich,” explained sophomore linguistics major Allie Libertino, recalling last year’s show.

Shortly after 8 p.m., it was time for entertainment. One of the acts Channing performed was blindfolding himself with tape and making audience members take out dollar bills. His volunteers then went around to collect the money and hand it to him. With his eyes completely covered and only a microphone in his hand, Channing was able to guess the serial number of one of the dollar bills.

Following that, both volunteers grabbed three objects from the audience and brought them to him. Still completely blindfolded, the mentalist was able to guess what the objects were.

Other talents the performer displayed were being able to predict who some people will marry and how many kids they’ll have.

“You’ll have twins one day,” Channing said to one audience member.

Eventually, the blindfold came off and more acts were performed.

“This is how I lost all my hair,” Channing told the audience.

This wasn’t the only joke the mentalist made. Undeclared freshman Ben Gold shared his thoughts about Channing’s antics throughout the show.

“I thought they were funny, but I liked his performance better,” Gold said.

Known as the “World’s Foremost Mind Reader,” Channing has made various media appearances, including “America’s Got Talent,” the “Today Show,” “Steve Harvey,” QVC and more. He’s even read the mind of former United States President Barack Obama and amazed people, such as former Yum! Brands CEO David Novak, with his talents.

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