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Campus Reacts to Donald Trump Becoming 45th President of U.S.

by Daniel Falkenheim

Members of the Montclair State community tuned in at the viewing party this morning to watch the inauguration of President Donald Trump, a figure whose election incited several protests on campus during the fall semester. While Trump delivered his inaugural address miles away in Washington, D.C., it became clear that mixed opinions still remain among many students.

Of the 21 people watching the ceremony silently from the University Hall Conference Center, three clapped after Trump was sworn in.

“I’d say [Trump’s inaugural address] was pretty articulate and [more] political than his other campaign speeches,” said Alexander Dugin, a freshman business major. “I believe he is acting a lot more presidential.”

Some students expressed their fear and disbelief at Trump’s presidency. Adefemi Adigun, a sophomore public health student, said she is “scared because [Trump] has no experience in politics,” and she is “disappointed in the American people because they elected an idiot.”

Not every Montclair State student is against the incoming administration, though.

“I would like to see [Trump] build a wall and remove the trade deals that have been detrimental to this country,” said Dugin, who is among those in the Montclair State community supporting the new president. “I would like him to focus on removing illegal criminals. I’d also like to see relations with Russia improved. I’d like him to continue what he was promising throughout his campaign.”

According to data from the Passaic County Clerk, about 76 percent of students who voted at the Machuga Heights polling station voted for Hillary Clinton on election day. Some Montclair State students, expressing fear and anxiety, gathered to protest against Trump on two separate occasions on campus after the election.

On the day of the inauguration, other students remain hopeful, such as student Josh Bishop, who said, “At the end of the day, I think people should just give him a chance and let it go from there.”

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