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Nine Rapes Continue to Dominate Campus Reports

by Rebecca Serviss

Nine rapes have been reported on campus for the 2018-2019 school term, according to the Montclair State University Annual Security Report, which was released on Oct. 1. This in accordance with the 1990 Jeanne Clery Act.

The report shows an increase in dating abuse with seven accounts along with nine rapes, which remained consistent from the 2017 report.

According to a statement from Capt. Kieran Barrett from the Montclair State University Police Department (UPD), “Crime numbers tend to fluctuate from year to year but remain relatively constant overall. Some years we may see an increase in theft while other years the numbers go down.”

By law, the Jeanne Clery Act requires colleges and universities in the United States to disclose information regarding crime on campus.

Also included in the report was an increase of stalking, aggravated assault, and burglary with three, four and seven records respectively.

“The university police is committed to the protection of lives and property here at [Montclair State University] and have longstanding prevention programs in self-defense, theft prevention and sexual assault awareness,” Barrett said.

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