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President Cole Addresses Concerns of Immigration

by Montclarion News

Although Montclair State University is not a sanctuary campus, President Cole assured the commitment of the university to support immigrant students.
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Before the spring classes ended for the summer, President Susan Cole notified students

and faculty via email on Tuesday, May 2 to reiterate school policies in place regarding

undocumented immigrants. She highlighted the university’s commitment to support

immigrant students and urged those traveling abroad to be cautious.

Although Montclair State administration previously addressed adopting an official title as

a “sanctuary campus” this past semester in SGA meetings, President Cole wrote, “The

past few months have been an anxious and confusing time for many of our international

and immigrant students and employees, and it is quite possible that there will continue to

be uncertainty in regard to immigration matters in the months ahead.”

Cities in the United States have been declaring the title of “sanctuary cities” after

President Trump’s recent executive orders regarding border policies and tightening

entrance into the United States. A sanctuary city is a city that limits cooperation with the

national government based on persecution of undocumented immigrants and current

immigration laws.

President Cole continued, “Montclair State University has not and will not discriminate

on the basis of immigration status.”

Cole states that the University Police Department will not inquire about the immigration

status of students, the university will not provide immigration status of students to federal

officials unless ordered by the courts, and she bolsters the university’s commitment to

maintain federal and state privacy laws.

She recognizes that the safety of the students and faculty has been a main cause of

concern after President Trump banned six countries from entering the United States, as

well as other laws which have tightened security at as well as inside America’s borders.

Though the school will not officially declare a title, administration and staff are to follow

specific guidelines when it comes to members of Montclair State who have traveled to

the United States, but may or may not have citizenship.

In closing, President Cole advised students to remain up to date on executive orders and

judicial decisions. She also provided contact information for Elizabeth Gill, Director of

international services at the global education center along with various links for reference

of legal issues.

University information on immigration matters as well as contact information can be

found on the website at https://www.montclair.edu/president/current-and- emerging-


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