Reminder: First Phase of Montclair State’s Tobacco-Free Campus Begins September 1


Published August 31, 2017
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The Montclarion

Smoke free phasing plan — Photo Courtesy of

Starting today, Montclair State will initiate phase one of being a Tobacco-Free Campus.

There will be designated areas on campus to smoke. These areas will be spread around campus and marked with a pole and red banner.

The designated spots are near the following areas: Machuga Heights, Dinallo Heights, Blanton Hall, Webster Hall, Bohn Hall, Falco and Accipiter in Hawks Crossings, Sprague Field, Chapin Hall, the service parking lot along the University Promenade, the Student Center, Williams and Sinatra Hall, the Feliciano School of Business and lastly the Center for Clinical Services.

This is the first phase of many that will occur throughout the next 2 years.

According to Montclair’s website, the goal is for the campus to “become 100% smoke, tobacco, and vapor product free on September 1, 2020.”

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