Reports of Sexual Harassment and Racism at Alexus Steakhouse Upset Montclair State Students


Published November 16, 2017
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The Montclarion
Students often go to the Alexus for food and drinks because it is located just off-campus. Heather Berzak | The Montclarion

New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino said in a statement that Alexus Steakhouse provided $50,000 to a female worker who was sexually harassed in the workplace as well as $30,000 divided between several employees that received racist comments and nationality-related discrimination by former manager John Magliaro, according to a report.

Alexus Steakhouse and Tavern in Clifton, New Jersey is known as a common spot for Montclair State University students to go during the week and the weekends after events on campus, such as sports or performances in the arts.

“I’m pretty shocked to hear something like this coming from Alexus,” said senior psychology major Marisa Caruso. “This is something no one wants to happen, especially at such a popular place.”

According to a verified complaint with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, Hispanic workers claimed that Magliaro would call them “stupid Mexicans,” “illegals” and “illiterate.”

“It’s definitely something that is pretty shocking,” said junior public health major Georgia Pardales. “But I do feel that [the fines are] fair seeing that justice is necessary.”

The complaint also mentioned a female employee who claimed the former manager used vulgar language in reference to multiple female workers along with inappropriate physical contact while on the clock.

“I am disgusted by the manager’s behavior,” said senior television production major Kayli Balsama. “He abused his position in the company and believed his actions would go unnoticed.”

Porrino confirmed that following the allegations, the current owner of Alexus Steakhouse, Kitae Kim, fired Magliaro and cooperated with the investigation.

Kitae was not available for comment.

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