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SLAM Event Gets Students in the Halloween Spirit

by Montclarion News
Students painted pumpkins at SLAM. Photo Credit: Tess Reynolds

Students painted pumpkins at SLAM.
Photo by Tess Reynolds

Pumpkin painting, board games, apple cider and more was available for students at SLAM’s SLAMIN’ Halloween event this past Monday night.

The idea of the Halloween event was created by SLAM’s on-campus events chair, Alfredo Ramirez. He wanted Halloween activities like pumpkin painting and snack foods that would help de-stress students from midterms.

“Everything was very convenient when we walked in,” said sophomore Taylor Moore. “I love how they have little snacks and stuff, so while your paint is drying you can go eat and have like apple cider and stuff. It gets you in the mood for the holiday.”

“I think it’s a cool way to relieve some stress and get rid of school work,” said freshman Ananda Coutain.
“I think it’s just really cool that we get to paint little pumpkins for the holiday because I don’t have many decorations for my room,” said sophomore Alyssa Petitdemange.

Freshmen Marcus Flax and Erick Del Rio sat together while coloring. “It’s something fun to do on a Monday night,” Flax said. “Mid-terms are coming up, and it’s pretty stressful, so doing something as simple as coloring takes the stress out of you.”

“Besides the lack of pumpkins right now, I think it’s pretty cool,” said Del Rio. “There’s a good chance to meet some new people, if you’re interested in that.” SLAM ran out of pumpkins momentarily and went to get more, Del Rio said.

Freshman Melanie Muino liked that everyone could paint pumpkins before Halloween. She said it’s nice for those who don’t have the chance to go home to pick pumpkins. “It brings everybody together,” Muino said. “It celebrates the holiday.”

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