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Student Enters University Police Headquarters Holding Illegal Knife

by Montclarion News

A student was arrested after entering UPD headquarters with a switchblade.
Photo Credit: Jess D’Onofrio

A student armed with an illegal knife entered the University Police Headquarters on the afternoon of Feb. 29 and began to curse at the dispatcher and police officers there, refusing to calm down when officers requested for him to do so.

Adrian Simone, 23, of Clifton, became more agitated and aggressive, according to the report provided by campus police. Police officers attempted to calm Simone down, which only caused his actions to become increasingly disruptive.

The police department did not offer a comment on what motivated Simone, but said that will be determined by the court system.

On multiple occasions, Simone was told by the officers that he was under arrest for disorderly conduct, but he refused to comply with their orders. Simone even attempted to avoid arrest by evading the police officers and leaving the building, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

After arresting Simone, police officers discovered the student was in possession of a spring-assisted folding knife, commonly known as a switchblade, which is illegal in New Jersey.

Simone was charged with disorderly conduct and possession of an illegal knife. The case will be heard in the Essex County Superior Court.

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