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Students Speak: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

by Montclarion Feature

Montclair State University, along with the rest of the United States, is gearing up for Election Day tomorrow, Nov. 8, and students are faced with the choice between two individuals who the New York Post described as “the most despised candidates in history.” The Montclarion editorial board voiced its opinion last week by endorsing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but the students of Montclair State have varied responses to the question of who to cast their vote for at the polls tomorrow.


Photo Credit: Luis Ari Lopez Wei

“I’m still thinking about it,” said political science student Anthony Acampora, 20, pictured above. “There’s a lot to think. Whoever thinks [they] can run the country better than the other person, but pretty much it’s a binary choice between one or the other; not gonna go third party.”


Photo Credit: Luis Ari Lopez Wei

“Trump; my family is all republican,” said accounting student Danielle Sena, pictured above sitting outside the Feliciano School of Business. “That’s all I hear every single day. My dad is a councilman in my town [Hamburg], so he kind of formed my opinion in parties before I was even in high school. He brought my sister and I up to think more toward that side.”


Photo Credit: Luis Ari Lopez Wei

“Hillary; I can’t stand Trump,” said psychology student Sabila Nazim. “He is a joke, honestly.”

“Also Hillary,” echoed psychology student Ethan Sibley, seated to Nazim’s right in the above photo. “I don’t trust that guy with nuclear launch codes.”


Photo Credit: Luis Ari Lopez Wei

“Hillary,” said English student Modesty Miranda, pictured above. “I did my pros and cons for both, Trump and Hillary. I don’t like either of them, but I had to weight who had the most pros.”

“Hillary; she’s doing a lot for college students,” said fashion studies student Xiamara Emmanuel, 23. (not pictured)

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