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Fools Shouldn’t Run for President, and Trump is a Fool

by Montclarion Opinion
Photo Courtesy: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Photo Courtesy: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

I remember when I first learned of Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. I thought it was a joke because it sounded so unrealistic. Why would a businessman be qualified to run the United States? Our country is not a hotel or casino and it is most certainly not just another business deal. Since he announced his candidacy, the American public has learned a lot of nasty things about him.

From not paying federal income taxes to the alleged sexual assaults, it is becoming clearer every day that I am siding with the right candidate. It really makes my blood boil knowing that people in our country are foolish enough to think that Trump is fit to be our president.

We are all just as qualified to run for president as Trump. We need someone with experience in politics. Besides his lack of political experience, there are plenty of other things that I can’t stand about this monster. The way he treats other human beings is immature and disgusting. This man has said horrible things to and about women, Latinos, Muslims, immigrants and nearly everyone else. While he may disagree —words hurt.

This man cannot even control himself for 90 minutes to debate on live national television. Trump does not like to answer the questions posed to him by moderators. Instead, he just rants about how terrible Hillary Clinton is. He regularly argues that Clinton is not good-looking and constantly brings up the actions of her husband.

He is incapable of acting in a professional manner. If you watched the debates, you noticed that he constantly interrupted Clinton and the moderators. Not letting anyone else speak just shows how self-centered he really is. How are we supposed to trust him with nuclear launch codes if we can’t even trust him to shut his mouth?

If Trump ever gets elected, he is going to make the rest of the international community hate Americans. Our country can’t afford any more enemies. The United States of America is a diverse country that is made of people from all over the world.

Without immigration, many of us would not be here today. Building walls and closing our borders will do nothing but harm. People used to immigrate to our country to build a better life. They thought we were the greatest place on earth. How great can our country be if a man like Trump has gotten this far in the election?

Trump is an embarrassment to our country’s people, history and values. He should not represent our nation and his inability to act like a member of our society proves it. He has shown us so many reasons why we should not vote for a fool like him.

Your future is at stake, so don’t forget to vote on Nov. 8.

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