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Students Swing Away on Hammock Day

by Hiral Patel

Sarah Rojas and Adam Cartisano celebrate Hammock Day by relaxing in hammocks they brought from home.
Therese Sheridan | Photo

Hammock Day, sponsored by Eagle Nest Outfitters and hosted by Outdoor Adventures, took place in the quad this Wednesday.

“Hammock Day is to get everybody outside, relaxed and to enjoy themselves,” said Rebecca Grats, who is a part of Outdoor Adventures. Grats also mentions how prizes will be distributed by the end of this week for those who participated in the event.

The goal of the event was to build the largest collection of hammocks together into an ECOVillage.

“I am currently laying in a hammock and being amazed that I have this opportunity,” said 21-year-old junior Dina Jones. “Hammock Day for me is a great opportunity for people to experience new things. I haven’t been in a hammock for 10 years so I am pretty excited.”


Dina Jones in a Hammock for the first time after 10 long years.
Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

Many people were standing around the hammocks with their friends as they laughed and talked.

Nico Araya, a 20-year-old sophomore majoring in sustainability science, believed that the purpose of Hammock Day was for people to interact with each other and build friendships. Araya met a couple of new people and thinks it is a beautiful thing that should be seen on college campuses.


Stephanie Aguilar (left) and Nathaly Jordan (right) sit and talk together in a hammock they claimed for themselves.
Therese Sheridan | The Montclarion

The weather made the event more relaxing and calm according to 21-year-old senior Natalie Yavorski.

“The event is a lot of fun with all the hammocks around,” Yavorski said. “There were many slack lines across and the weather is beautiful today, it is the perfect day for Hammock Day.”

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