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Tammy Murphy Campus Visit Proves the Future is Female

by Jenna Sundel

Tammy Murphy, the First Lady of New Jersey, visited the Feliciano School of Business on Feb. 4 to participate in a kickoff event for the New Jersey chapter of Golden Seeds.

Golden Seeds is an investment firm that focuses on helping newly formed, female-led businesses become successful. They have over 275 members that support over 170 companies.

A variety of industries were also represented by the audience. Many large companies were in attendance, including Google, Goldman Sachs and PepsiCo. They all shared a common vision to empower women to be entrepreneurs and business leaders.


The area where each candidate will present their speech.
Carmela Winter | The Montclarion

Before the event began, the professionals had a chance to network and ask questions to the leaders of the panel.

Susan Palombo worked for PepsiCo but left to begin her own advertising firm 12 years ago. She attended the event to network with other female entrepreneurs.

“I’m mostly excited to network and meet other like-minded women in business. It’s always energizing to be on a college campus and it’s a very impressive facility,” Palombo said.

Brian Sabina, who works for the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, has been to several campus events, but attended this one to learn about revolutionizing New Jersey’s economy.

“I’m excited to hear how to make businesses more innovative, diverse and inclusive,” Sabina said.

The panel began with an introduction by Montclair State University’s president, Dr. Susan Cole. She thanked Murphy for recognizing Montclair State as a perfect place to highlight her agenda of supporting women in business.

“Every time she’s here, it’s because she is involved with pushing forward something important and extraordinary in the state,” Cole said.


Tammy Murphy giving her speech.
Carmela Winter | The Montclarion

Murphy addressed the group about the resiliency of women in business.

“Each of you have, in your own unique way, broken through the glass ceiling that has held back the majority of our women for generations and generations,” Murphy said.

Murphy believes that Golden Seeds will help inspire future generations of women in business.

“It is our responsibility to support, encourage and open the door a little wider for our daughters and those who follow in their footsteps,” Murphy said.


Tammy Murphy at the event before giving her speech.
Carmela Winter | The Montclarion

Murphy pledged that she and her husband, Gov. Phil Murphy, will support this chapter and their mission to grow New Jersey’s economy.

“[Phil Murphy] always loves to say that New Jersey was the first Silicon Valley, and he couldn’t be more right,” Tammy Murphy said.

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