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Trump Wins Presidency, Students React

by Daniel Falkenheim

Students congregated and were treated to free food during Tuesday’s election night viewing party in University Hall.
Photo by Dan Falkenheim

Montclair State woke up this morning and learned of a new presidency. After months of political bickering and brawling, Americans went to the polls and Donald Trump has emerged as next president of the United States.

“It’s not funny anymore,” freshman Carmen Rosario said.

Hundreds of Montclair State students packed the University Hall Conference Center for an election night watch party, but the excitement in the room slowly turned to despair as Clinton’s path to the presidency dimmed. The viewing party ended at midnight and the 70 remaining students were quickly kicked out.

When the race was finally called at 2:30 a.m., residents were resigned to their dorms and commuters were back home. Before that happened, some Montclair State Clinton supporters were already coming to terms with a potential Trump presidency.

Freshman Angela Williams, who was sitting next to Rosario at the viewing party, said, “[I’m feeling] very sad. I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack.”

Not every Montclair State student was for Clinton, though. There were a few students at the viewing party sporting Trump’s signature red “Make America Great Again” hat, and there were a few light cheers whenever a news organization called a state for Trump.

MSU students cast their votes at Clifton Public School  #16 Photo Credit: Alexa Arrabito

MSU students cast their votes at Clifton Public School #16
Photo Credit: Alexa Arrabito

“I hope Trump wins tonight,” freshman Jillian Culmone, who talked with entertainment editor Awije Bahrami before the polls closed, said. “I think [the election] is kind of tough this year.”

Trump will become the first president without any political or military experience. Also, if The New York Times’  projections hold, Trump would be the first Republican to earn more than 300 electoral votes since George H. W. Bush won the 1988 presidential election.

Republicans maintained their majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives as well. When Trump assumes office, Republicans will have control over the executive branch and both houses of Congress.

Outside of national and local races, New Jerseyans voted on two ballot measures. According to the Associated Press, 78 percent of New Jerseyans voted to not expand gambling to two additional counties, and 54 percent voted to ensure revenue from the gas and oil taxes will be dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund.

Earlier on Tuesday, students voting on and off campus had a lot to say.

When asked how she felt about this election, Dalton Snider-Smith, a film major voting in Machuga, said, “It was a perfect demonstration of how flawed the two-party system is, because it was just mudslinging and propaganda with very little fact for some of these articles that were coming out of major news sources, so it wasn’t really as informative as it could be and it was a lot violent than it should be.”
Students formed a line that stretched outside of the door of the multipurpose room at the Machuga polling station.
“I just voted but, honestly, I don’t like either of the candidates,” biology major Marvin Durand told The Montclarion. “But I think one candidate can deal with certain issues like Black Lives Matter and women’s issues better than the other candidate.”

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