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Winter Ball Tickets Now Available for Purchase

by Montclarion Sports
Winter Ball's theme this year is A Night on Broadway. Photo Credit: Alex Gamboa

Winter Ball’s theme this year is A Night on Broadway.
Photo Credit: Alex Gamboa

Student Life at Montclair  (SLAM) has got you covered for one final festivity before the end of the semester comes and finals week begins. Tickets for the annual Winter Ball go on sale Thursday, Nov. 12 at 8 a.m. and for the first time, ticket sales will be online.

In the past, students have had to line up at the Student Center for hours in order to obtain a ticket to Winter Ball when they go on sale. This usually meant that students would begin queuing up at 3 a.m. and miss out on a night of sleep. These students would save spots for friends and endure others cutting in line, just for a chance to attend the dance.

To avoid those problems, SLAM made the decision to sell tickets online only. Students can purchase tickets through HawkSync on the Student Government Association’s corresponding HawkSync page.

Ashley Favato, the Co-Director of SLAM and a Family Child Studies major said, “Online just makes it fair for everyone. The whole waking up early wasn’t ideal for commuter[s].”

This year, the theme for Winter Ball will be ‘A Night on Broadway,’ ensuring that the night of Dec. 3, when Winter Ball takes place, will aim to dazzle and entertain. While theater enthusiasts look forward to the event this year, others who care less for Broadway shows remain skeptical.

Freshman Film major Jeffrey McLellan expressed his doubts about the theme: “It has potential to be really fun, but unless I see people dressed as Frankie Valli, I’m probably going to be disappointed. We’ll see what happens,” said McLellan.

Theresa Reynolds, a junior Communications major, is happy about the theme and predicts that students will use it as an inspiration for that evening’s fashion. “I think it’s cool that the dance is Broadway themed, especially since we are so close to New York City. I bet people will come up with some really creative outfits. There’s a lot to choose from.”

The Winter Ball has been a Montclair State tradition for years, giving students the opportunity to unwind from the fall semester before buckling down for finals.

Similarly, the location of the Winter Ball is always secret and this year, students are yet again questioning where the dance will be held.

“I hear that the Winter Ball is always in a really cool place,” said Joe Ponzio, an undeclared freshman. “Montclair has a lot of options, so who knows where it will be?”

The location is kept secret to ensure students use the transportation provided, keeping students safe on the big night.

The price for Montclair State students is $40, while the guest price is $60. Students must purchase their tickets with Red Hawk Dollars and must have a sufficient amount of Red Hawk Dollars in their accounts for 48 hours after tickets are purchased. If needed, students can add Red Hawk Dollars to their accounts online on the school’s website.

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