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What Veterans Day Means to These Montclair State Vets

by Kevin Saez

Students in professor Thomas Franklin’s Multimedia News Production and Media Tech Toolkit classes produced a series of video profiles on U.S. Military Veterans within the Montclair State University community in recognition of Veterans Day. The project was made with special cooperation from the Montclair State University Student Veterans Association, which operates as a “home base” for veteran/military students and works to assist members with the transition to college life.

Alexander Gould: Brotherhood

By Candice Caputo

“Veteran’s Day means brotherhood.”

Staff Sgt. Alexander Gould served two terms in the U.S. Army for a total of eight years. He served in Kuwait and Afghanistan. Currently enrolled at Montclair State University, Gould is studying for his Master’s in psychology. He hopes to work with the government or find employment for former military personnel.


Nick Hussey: Bond of Two Brothers

By Sean Martin

“After that event occurred in 2010 I realized this is what I really wanted to do.”

U.S. Army National Guardsman Nick Hussey says he joined the military following the death of a half-brother, whom he never met, in Afghanistan.


Richard Doyen: Forever a Leader

By Olivia Bartell

“Veterans Day is an emotional day, but it is something to be proud of and something I will pass on to my children, as my grandfather did to me.”

Richard Doyen, currently a 31-year-old Montclair State University student, served two tours in Iraq and served in the Marines from 2005 to 2015. Doyen, who has been a long-time student of Montclair State, has come back after his time in the war and has plans to get married in the spring.


Franklin Montano: Best Foot Forward

By Elena Medina and Michael Oldock

“I just wanted to find my way within myself.”

Franklin Montano, a senior at Montclair State University and current president of Montclair State’s Student Veteran Association, is a U.S. Army Veteran. After serving in Afghanistan, Montano says he has struggled to become readjusted to civilian life. But with courage, time and the help of Montclair State’s student body and faculty, he has reintegrated successfully. His philosophy is to put his best foot forward and give his best.


Joe Subia: Making a Difference

By Krista Cerminaro

“I see the number of homeless veterans. I see the number of veteran suicides a day. I worry one day that I’m gonna get text message or phone call like, ‘Hey, this guy didn’t make it.’”

Joe Subia, a Montclair State senior, says his service in the United States Navy changed him as a person. After enlisting roughly 10 years ago, he says that he is deeply affected by the amount of veteran suicides that take place each day. His goal is to help at least one person every day and he hopes that future vets learn that nothing is going to come easy, but it will be worth it.


Joe Longo: Honor, Courage and Commitment

By Nicholas Da Silva

“Being a Marine is the total encompassment of pride, loyalty, honor, courage and commitment.”

Veteran Joe Longo’s seven-year tenure with the Marines was met with many hardships, like in 2011, when he found out a fellow army man and close friend of his died while he was touring in Afghanistan. Even as a 28-year-old sophomore at Montclair State University, Longo admits that he still has difficulties adjusting to everyday life on a college campus or even just a life without his brothers-in-arms standing by his side.


Harry Haines: A Professor’s Story

By Ivan Arevalo

“I take great pride in the fact that I served my country by doing what I could to bring the Vietnam War to an end while I was in uniform.”

Montclair State professor Harry Haines reflects on his unique military experience during the Vietnam War and what Veteran’s Day means to him. After being drafted, Haines took part in the anti-war movement that helped end the Vietnam War.

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