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Adult Coloring Books: Creativity Leaving Your Veins

by Montclarion Opinion
Photo Courtesy: m01229 (Flickr)

Photo Courtesy: m01229 (Flickr)

After one stressful election season, it is finally time to relax. However, for many adults, it may be worth exploring other avenues of achieving zen, as it will be impossible to do so with the use of adult coloring books.

Several years ago, adult coloring books flooded the arts and crafts market leaving no stone unturned. Whether it be exotic chickens, secret gardens or trilling images of Bill Murray, adult coloring books have taken over and grace the counters of many registers.

While shoppers in line may spot the boisterous “stress-free” labeling, they are in for a shock. Although prices can vary greatly, many adult coloring books range from 10 to 15 dollars. For example, a paperback of “Sherlock: The Mind Palace” has 80 pages is $9.68. However, a “Frozen” children’s coloring book is $5.51. The “Frozen” coloring book has 96 pages that feature puzzles, games and color-in images, not to mention 60 stickers. Adults cannot relax knowing that a child can get more bang for their buck when it comes to coloring books.

Of course, the pricing will not stop all shoppers, as the promise of reducing stress is just too good to pass up. Even after purchasing the finest of fine-tipped markers or the highest quality colored pencils, adults will realize that adult coloring books are far too detailed for fun. Just one page can take days to complete. Spending days, with magnify glass in hand, to color in minuscule portions of a creatively-drawn owl is anxiety-inducing. Coloring such small areas brings a new level of intensity when attempting to color inside the lines.

These designs are what make adult coloring books regiment the creativity of adults. In children’s coloring books, there is enough room to decide how to design the different elements of the page. Yet, the individuals who create adult coloring books have completely taken those creative liberties away from adults. Adults who willingly participate in this activity are completely draining their veins of creativity.

For those with enough patience to complete the maze that is adult coloring, there is no reward. While adults are flooding craft stores to get their hands on the newest coloring book, they are not rushing to get their work framed. All that hard work goes unrecognized by family, friends and colleagues as it stays in the book for the rest of eternity.
While coloring can be a fun activity, adult coloring books have taken it to a completely new level.

Coloring books are supposed to be relaxing and serve as a time to explore one’s imagination and creativity, but currently, the coloring books advertised to adults do exactly the opposite.

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