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Destressing with Adult Coloring Books

by Montclarion Opinion
Photo Courtesy: m01229 (Flickr)

Photo Courtesy: m01229 (Flickr)

Finals are approaching and many students are picking up adult coloring books to help them relax and let go. For good reason too—adult coloring books are fun and complex enough to keep a person entertained for extended periods of time, and they appeal to an adult’s creative side. With them, destressing is a breeze.

There is an assortment of adult coloring books to choose from. Different kinds to cater to different people and different needs. Get angry or calm with swear word coloring books, or hyped with “Sherlock Holmes” and “Game of Thrones” coloring books. Animal coloring books are awesome for just taking your mind off things too.

It might seem stressful to have so many options, but that is one of the reasons adult coloring books are loved. People enjoy being able to have a coloring book for each mood. A mandala might not do it for a lot of students trying to relax and retain more information so they can pass their finals and raise their grades and GPA. However, coloring a cat pink, or a dog vomit green just might.

Aside from blowing off steam with swear words and getting overzealous with coloring one’s favorite characters, adult coloring books allow people to feel productive and put together, even when they are really not. Adult coloring books allow people to complete the dream of finishing a task that has been put before them with minimal stress. Finishing an essay requires at least three total hours of procrastination, for mental sanity and emotional health.

A student could easily color a page of detail in that time, and since coloring does not require that much thought, it winds up being really easy to finish. That feeling of finishing is the key to feeling productive. That’s one page closer to finishing the entire book.

It is fair to say that the price tags on adult coloring books should have people looking in the opposite direction. Ranging from 10 to 20 dollars, they get pricey, and yet people still buy them in bulk. The reason behind this is not only because coloring books are relaxing and mind churning. They make a lot of people feel like artist. Someone else has already done the hard part. All there is left to do is just color it in.

While no one goes around saying they drew a masterpiece, they can say they colored a masterpiece. Everyone wants to be able to say they colored a masterpiece.

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