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Senior Goodbye: Thomas Formoso – An Unforgettable Experience

by MontclarionWeb

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Formoso via LinkedIn

My time at The Montclarion amplified my experience at Montclair State in ways that I cannot fathom. Due to the paper, I have been able to attend conferences across the country — including places such as Austin, San Francisco and Minneapolis. I was also given the opportunity to attend the NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball Final Four in Grand Rapids, MI. This experience was easily the highlight of my time here and had thrust me into a professional environment in just my sophomore year at Montclair State.

I was also pushed into the role as sports editor because the paper needed someone to fill in immediately. Despite knowing absolutely no one and hardly staying on campus past my classes in my freshman year, I easily fitted into the environment and lifestyle of being a Montclarion editor.

The people at The Montclarion are some of the best people I’ve met in my life and some even grew to be some of my closest friends. In three years, I have made countless memories, really too many to count, and I have had the time of my life. Unfortunately, my time at the paper was always limited. My only hope is that everyone at the paper can stay connected as much as possible and I can take my experiences and knowledge into my future career.

Thank you to everyone involved with making the past three years memorable.

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