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Be a Hopeful Romantic

by Fiorella Medina

There are different ways people are spending their Valentine’s Day. Some are spending it with their significant others, while others may be spending it self-loving with friends or being a hopeful romantic and swooning over heart decorations.

Most people refer to themselves as hopeless romantics, which are people who have high, unrealistic expectations of love. He or she believes that love will be like movies and fairy tales. However, it is time we change this oxymoron to “hopeful” romantics.

Hopeful romantics are people who still believe in love and the quirky Hallmark cards but still have practical expectations. They are optimistic about the idea of falling for someone or going on a date but will not be blinded by the possibilities the date or romantic holiday can go terribly wrong.

They are hopeful and will not let a terrible date or a sour relationship stop them from ever believing there are more chances for love. I’m not saying it’s easy, but this is for the hopeless romantics who put their standards way too high.

The definition of “hopeless” is “feelings of despair,” so why would a person want to refer to themselves as not having any chance? We manifest what we want in our lives, and if we keep referring to ourselves as hopeless, we will eventually start believing that and bring negativity to our love lives.

People should feel excited and optimistic when it comes to seeing or hearing any type of reference to love. It doesn’t always have to refer to a love song or a couple.

Love surrounds us through friendships, ourselves and snuggling with our favorite book. The next time you hear someone call you or themselves a hopeless romantic, just change it to hopeful.


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