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Celebrating Halloween Without Spooking Your Bank Account

by Amira Lawson

What frightens us this Halloween? Trying to throw the most innovative Halloween celebration of 2019, while still finding a way to save money for the upcoming holidays.


Some of the most popular, yet priciest Halloween activities include taking trips to pumpkin patches, visiting haunted houses and hosting scary movie marathons. But what can you do to spice things up for a change? Two words: party hopping.

As a college student, party hopping is nothing new. You go to one party, then another and possibly another because really, who can tell you when the night is over?

One of the best things about this is that going to Halloween gatherings, which are facilitated by various people, gives you the opportunity to wear your ensemble more than once. Talk about savings!

What’s another way to save and still celebrate? Halloween game night. If you’re like me and enjoy a kickback over a party, you’ll be the first in line to play these Halloween-themed games like Host, Frankenstein Bowling, Pin the Bow on the Skeleton, candy corn eating races, on the spot DIY costume races and Halloween movie trivia. These games all have one thing in common: savings.

Contrary to popular opinion, even with a budget you can participate in all of these bubbly and sugar filled activities and still have a fa-boo-lous time. Challenge yourself this Halloween.

With pumpkins you can do paintings, carvings, scavenger hunts, make dinner, use one to send a message to a loved one or decorate your pumpkin to make some great centerpieces for your home.

We also love fun and friendly Halloween pranks. Two pranks that are affordable and would be hilarious to watch is one known as the “Futurama” effect, and the infamous jump out scare.

The “Futurama” effect is a spinoff of Fox’s hit cartoon show, “Futurama.” In the cartoon, the main character would often find himself running into something that was called the “heads in jars.” These jars are utilized to store and safeguard the heads of famous people within the show, and even long dead verifiable figures from presidents to authentic role models, which was made possible through uncommon cloning from the DNA of that individual. The fluid inside the jar is called H2OGfat.

To imitate this, and scare someone for a good laugh, place a picture of your head in a clear jar and add water with green food coloring to give the same effect. Then sit back and laugh as your victim freaks out.

The “jump out scare” is a classic. Hide in a closet and wait for your friend to walk by right before you “jump out” and scare them. This is the last thing they would expect, which makes their reaction so amusing.

Lastly, host a costume party with friends and create a photo album of it for memories. A memory can be from a minute, an hour, a month or even from years ago. A few recollections we keep and some we quell.

Memory is said to be a fundamental bit of the mind. When we recall a joyful recollection, it’s like we feel the same happiness that we felt at that time. Add to the book as the years go by for even better reminisce.

And just remember: Halloween is but a mere snippet of all the shopping that must be done to finish off the year. Although it can be pricey, you can have just as good of a time on a budget and still celebrate your favorite holiday with family and friends.

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