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High-End Halloween Fashion on a Low-End Budget

by Sydney Delon

With the fall semester settling in, thinking about a Halloween costume may be the last thing on your mind. No worries, we’ve got it covered. There are a plethora of awesome costumes you can make on your own, while not breaking your back or the bank.

Who said you’re too old to go trick or treating? This year whether you plan on attending a costume party, hunting down candy or giving it away, make sure that you do so in a costume in which you feel confident. Need help curating some ideas for your last-minute costume? Here are a few ideas that may help you in your search.

Barbie: Being that the iconic character has played many characters herself, this is one you can easily make your own. Pair a white cropped tee with a hot pink skirt for a classic barbie look, or spice it up by adding a faux fur jacket and fishnets to be rockstar barbie.

Fruit salad (Yummy, yummy): If you and your bestie are having a hard time deciding on a costume, this is the pick for you. Easily be two peas in a pod, or a strawberry and pineapple by grabbing a few solid color tees of the fruit of your choice. Dazzle up with a few strokes of fabrics paint, a headpiece made from pipe cleaners and some cute colorful accessories. Now you’ve got yourself the sweetest costume in the room.

Rocky the Red Hawk: Throw on your favorite Montclair State University gear this Halloween and show off your school pride. Embody your inner Rocky and let the world know how we get down at Montclair State. By pairing school swag with some face paint, you can easily be the best cheerleader and/or mascot we’ll see this late October.

A cat: The most iconic last-minute costume of them all, the cat ears. Create your look by adding gold jewelry and makeup paired with all black attire and the cat ears of your choice. Add extra style by incorporating different animal prints, whiskers and a tail. You can never go wrong with this pick.

Basketball player: Borrow your pop’s old basketball jerseys, you’ll need them. This costume is super easy to achieve as all you’ll really need for it is a sports jersey and basketball shorts. Optionally, you can add a sweatband for extra effect. Embrace your inner Michael Jordan this Oct. 31.

Zombie: Take the spooky route this year. In order to complete this look, all you’ll need is old, torn up clothes you have or that you can find at your local thrift shop. Add crazy hair and fake blood from your nearest Halloween store. Scare all the ghouls and goblins in this petrifying take on the undead.


The bulletin board on the 6th floor in Sinatra Hall reminds students how to pick an appropriate costume. Sydney Delon | The Montclarion

Having fun during Halloween doesn’t have to involve spending a ton of money on a cool costume. It is the one night of the year you get to choose whatever you’d like to be in this giant universe of possibilities.

Before you decide on your costume this year, be especially conscious of the message and idea it interprets. Being aware and avoiding costumes that appropriate another culture or offend a particular religion, race or group is an easy way to ensure that you’ll have fun without causing harm.

Party safely, load up on all the candy and enjoy the horror of the season, but never forget to do it in style. Happy Halloween.

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