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Cut the Bull About Pitbulls

by Montclarion Opinion
Cut the Bull About Pitbulls

Paige Buckley, a Communication and Media Arts major, is in her first year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Sometimes people’s ignorance is so overwhelmingly expressed that it becomes painful to watch. As a pitbull owner, I constantly experience this.

Hennessey, my nine-year-old pitbull, is frequently the target of the ignorance of others. Although I could testify that she is the most lovable and goofy dog in the world, others would still label her as a “dangerous animal.”

Due to their strong and tough nature, pitbulls are commonly stereotyped as a “dangerous” breed. However, that does not mean that they are actually vicious or killer dogs.

In fact, a majority of people have it wrong in thinking that all pitbulls are aggressive by nature. Instead, it is the many that utilize the breed’s characteristics in order to make them seem more advantageous to the owner who have created this reputation. These people place their animals in an environment that fosters aggression and encourages hostile behaviors. Some people train pitbulls to be aggressive and to attack other animals and people. While this may be the case for some pitbulls, it cannot be said for all of them.

Due to these misinformed accusations that accompany pitbulls, people choose to adopt or purchase dogs of other backgrounds and breeds and this stereotype does not just affect the dogs’ adoption rates.

Many pitbull owners find themselves struggling to find areas that are pitbull-friendly and many landlords refuse to rent to to tenants who have pitbulls. Some town municipalities have even begun to discriminate against the breed, threatening owners with euthanizing their dogs.

It simply makes no sense. From my personal experience, as well as those of many other owners, pitbulls, just like any other dog breed, are one of the greatest animals on Earth. They will love and care for their owner their entire life, just like any other dog. Though pitbulls tend to be both bulky and strong, their stature does not signify that they are any more ferocious than a Chihuahua.

Unfortunately, pitbulls somehow seem to fall by the wayside. The breed continues to sit in shelters far longer than other dogs when there is nothing wrong with them or anything that truly sets them apart from any other animal in the shelter. Pitbulls are extremely adorable and friendly and just need a loving home. They have been and always will be great companions and are really just strong goofballs that will do anything for love. They, too, deserve a chance.

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