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Final Schedule Frenzy Turned Easy

by Montclarion Staff

With the last few weeks of school left, students’ stress levels are at an all-time high. That means students are either running to save a study room for their friends on campus to cram for finals or they are trying to figure out how many days they have to come on campus. No matter the circumstance for the student, everyone is pulling their hair out around this time.

In the midst of all this, Montclair State University has created a new way to check the finals schedule times, which has eased the stress for some students.


A screenshot features the new fall 2018 finals schedule. Sunah Choudhry | The Montclarion

In previous semesters, Montclair State had a PDF version of the finals schedule that was posted. Students had one way of figuring out their finals schedule where a bunch of lists and times were scattered. With the dates listed on top of the times, it became confusing on where to even start looking to figure out what finals week was going to look like.

Even when reading the previous schedule, students would have to zoom in a few times in order to read the tiny print letters. It was hard to decipher when a student had to come on campus during finals week to take an exam.


A screenshot features the previous format of the spring 2018 finals schedule. Sunah Choudhry | The Montclarion

As for the current semester, Montclair State has implemented a new way to check the finals schedule. The new system was unveiled through email to students to remind them of finals. The university has now put the finals schedule in a list of tabs that are posted on the final exam website.

With this new version, students do not have to squint or zoom in to check the finals schedule. Once students click the drop-down tab, they are welcomed with the ease of finding out what time they need to show up to their final exams. The drop-down tab shows the original time of one’s weekly course and the final exam time right beside it so there is no confusion.

As this provides less stress for students, it also provides less strain on professors as well. Since professors are the people that remind students of when to meet and where to meet, this information is now just a few clicks away. There are also clear instructions for professors that teach hybrid courses, which were not on the schedule in previous semesters.

Above the tabs, students are also given a clear set of instructions on what to do if class final times conflict with one another. With the addition of the drop-down tabs, students are easily able to see when and where they need to be in order to take their final exams. With these tabs, it becomes easier to view the schedule.

The one major difference forgotten between the previous finals schedule format compared to the new format is the specification of graduate student courses. In the previous schedule, it was stated at the top of the schedule that graduate students were included. As for the new one, the word is nowhere to be found.

The new finals schedule gives students and professors one less thing to worry about throughout the stressful process of finals. This is something students need in the final days of the semester.

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