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‘Bella Figura: How to Live, Love and Eat the Italian Way’ by Kamin Mohammadi

by Olivia Paez

“Bella Figura: How to Live, Love and Eat the Italian Way” is a gorgeously written, self-help memoir chronicling Kamin Mohammadi’s adventures in Italy. The book is told in 12 parts, following each month of the year.

Mohammadi is tired of her bustling, strenuous, corporate life in London. She begins to search for an escape and jumps on the chance to move to Italy for an entire year.

“Bella Figura” is all about trying new things, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and making connections with those around you. It highlights the importance of friendship, creating a positive atmosphere for oneself, romance, exuding confidence in all areas of life and having a strong-willed attitude. Mohammadi’s life-changing advice is woven into her narrative, detailing her personal experiences as she learns to find herself in the gorgeous city of Florence.

This book reads more like a personal journal and makes readers see the world in a new, positive light. The concept of “Bella Figura” is all about living life to the fullest and seeking out beauty in the smallest aspects of life.

It’s a simplistic lifestyle that one can implement in any place in the world. It focuses on slowing down and living in the moment in the midst of this fast-paced world. It highlights eating healthier, exercising your body and mind, and living life with the confidence of an Italian woman.

Each section in this cultured nonfiction novel follows a different life lesson from the local Italians who she befriended during her time in Italy that Mohammadi has learned. Some lessons are how to slow down, how to celebrate being a woman and how to take pleasure in yourself.

Written in a story-like narrative, Mohammadi documents her spontaneous journey as she learns to see the beauty in everyday things, such as food, friendships, exercise and relationships. There are also Italian recipes included at the end of each section, which correspond to the meals that Mohammadi had while living in Italy to give readers the ultimate Italian experience.

Not only does this novel provide advice that Mohammadi learned while living in Florence, but it also highlights the beauty and wonder that Italy has to offer. Readers will walk beside Mohammadi as she explores Florence’s city streets, cafes and restaurants in her vivid and descriptive narrative. There are frequent and colorful characters that make appearances and offer life advice anyone can listen to.

Written in a beautiful way, highlighting all the wonder and serenity that Italy has to offer, “Bella Figura” will make readers want to go out and travel the world while focusing to improve small aspects of their lives.

For fans of “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Eat, Pray, Love,” this travel memoir is sure to help readers live a life of relaxation while also seeking out the simple pleasures around them.

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