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Letter to Akira Toriyama

by Anexis Matos

From time to time,

I think about you.

Not in depth,

but I do.

Your stories.

Your characters.

Your time.

Your dedication.

Your genius.

Why should I think of authors?

You’re deities in your own right,

giving us gifts

that we don’t always deserve.

Then again,

that’s how benevolent deities are,

aren’t they?

But you’re different.

You were in my life

before I knew

who you were.

Before your name

was connected

to my favorite obsession.

Your characters

came into my life

when I was a little girl

at 5:00 PM

on channel 11

in tropical bliss.

I remember

showing up

in the middle of episodes.

Forcing my cousins

every summer

to find something

that was Dragon Ball.

I was obsessed as a girl,

but the more I watch it,

the more I love it.

The more

I appreciate it.

The more I wonder

why I can’t read

your original source material.

Damn the lack of innovation

to make manga accessible.

My favorite

is still the first series.

I started

with Dragon Ball Z,

but Dragon Ball

is your best work.

Throughout the years,

I’ve learned to appreciate you.

You gave me

characters to love.


to aspire to be like.


to take into my life.

You gave me

a foundation for my writing.

I wrote fanfiction

that will never see the light of day

thanks to you.

You passed away

at 68,

leaving us

your mark.

Your stories.

Your characters.

You left the world

a reason to keep going.

A reason

to hope.

A reason

to keep looking

for the best

in our lives.

Thank you

for your stories.

Your characters.

Your time.

Your dedication.

Your genius.

Thank you

for giving us a gift

we don’t always deserve.

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