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A Priestess So Clever and Kind

by Anexis Matos

There once was a princess,

so clever and kind

born to a kingdom

where hearts were left behind.

Her world was cold,

so dark and bleak.

She was always silent,

for she could not speak.

Magic paid a visit

on stormy skies of gray.

They saw her potential

and chose to stay.

A gift she was given,

one with no strings,

but visions followed,

forming dark rings.

In silence she grew,

for secrets she kept.

She was betrothed to a stranger.

In silence, she wept.

The wedding day came.

She played her part.

She made a request,

choosing her heart.

From princess to priestess,

the change was fast,

but not all was well.

Her peace would not last.

A mother’s death

created sharp thorns.

She held on to kindness,

but vengeance she swore.

Her work paid off.

Death’s servant she became,

but before they met,

she knew they were the same.

A companion Death asked for.

She willingly agreed.

Her magic smiled,

waiting to be freed.

Death was kind,

though their work was not always so.

He took her thorns,

letting white flowers grow.

Visions came again.

She saw her end.

Another secret to keep,

for Death’s rules must not bend.

Love paid a visit

on rays of dark light.

She ignored it,

but Death took flight.

She saw Death change.

Cover the world in mist,

but when he claimed her,

she could not resist.

A year she stayed.

A year she flew.

Time was running out,

but her love only grew.

Her end came.

Death reached her with ease.

After their last kiss,

she begged for peace.

Death granted her request,

for how could they not?

She was theirs,

the woman fate to him brought.

To the mortal realm

a visit was paid.

Cloaked in shadow,

grief was Death’s aid.

The killers were found.

Death set the stage.

Claiming their souls,

Death unleashed their rage.

There once was a princess,

so clever and kind

born to a kingdom

where hearts were left behind.

There once was a priestess,

so clever and kind

who earned Death’s love.

Love that still binds.

Beware the priestess,

so clever and kind

for from Death she was taken.

Now the world is blind.

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