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Montclair State: Some Of It’s Here

by Montclarion Opinion

Editorial Cartoon by Melisa Vallovera

Montclair State is in a constant state of growth. When it first opened its doors in 1908, the campus was only 25 acres of land. Today in 2015, Montclair State University has 486 acres and has become the second largest public college in the state of New Jersey. This growth has only continued into the new school year. Since the beginning of the semester, students have been introduced to two new state-of-the-art buildings as well as the idea of a new School of Nursing coming to campus. Past expansions to our campus have led to amazing boosts in student and faulty morale and these most recent changes are no different.
This year, the School of Business was fortunate enough to gain a much needed upgrade from Partridge Hall. The new building provides students “with places to collaborate and congregate with each other, faculty, business professionals and clubs,” according to a press release from the School of Business. The welcoming lobby gives students a comfortable place to relax with friends or the quiet area to the side gives them a peaceful place to study for their upcoming exams. The new School of Business also offers another dining option to students on campus, The Venture Cafe. In just two weeks, this building has become a second home to the thousands of students who utilize its facilities every day.
On the other side of campus, the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences has become a new favorite spot for many students. The new building presents an amazing view of the New York City skyline from the ground level as well as on its third floor outlook. According to the School of Science and Mathematics, the new building has the ability to “support programs and research in sustainability science, pharmaceutical biochemistry and medicinal chemistry, as well as in biological, computing and mathematical sciences.” These new facilities will enhance the experience of all of all the science majors by granting them the opportunity to work with professional science equipment. The two newest additions to campus have undoubtedly boosted morale among the campus community.
Another came in the form of an announcement on Sept. 1 by President Susan Cole. During her Opening Day speech, Cole announced plans of a nursing program expected to come to campus in Fall 2016. By adding nursing to the nearly 300 majors, minors and concentrations already present, Montclair State will be able to rank more competitively with schools like Rutgers University and Ramapo College who already have established nursing programs. The creation of a nursing program is a progressive step to future success at Montclair State.
The program plans to address the national nurse shortage by adding Montclair State-educated and qualified nurses to the healthcare system. The nursing program will fill a societal need as well as a want of Montclair State students.
Although these changes have come at a remarkably quick pace, some students are still left wondering when other much-needed campus expansions will begin, one of which being a solution to the ongoing parking issue. It has been obvious for years that there is not enough parking for commuters or residents on campus. With a new program coming to campus next fall, it is urgent that this is fixed as soon as possible. Many people have suggested building yet another parking garage in Lot 60 to help alleviate the problem. This could create thousands of potential parking spots. Though it may not completely solve the parking issue at Montclair State, it would make a big dent in an even larger problem.
Also, with freshman classes becoming larger and larger, Montclair State is going to have to provide more residential spaces. This will provide homes for incoming freshmen without having to live in cramped quarters. This will not only affect freshmen, but everyone who calls Montclair State University their home. Besides, extra housing has never hurt anyone. With hundreds of rooms already being tripled this past year, it is definitely necessary.
Montclair State is moving faster and faster into the future.
However, there are still some areas where the university could pick up the pace. The two newest building additions to campus have provided students and faculty with new work spaces and the recent addition of a nursing school will add a competitive edge to admissions.
However, Montclair State needs to fix the parking and housing problems before moving on to less crucial matters. Either way, Montclair State has made some remarkable changes within the last few years and everyone is looking forward to those to come.

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