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Senior Goodbye: Deanna

by MontclarionWeb

Deanna Rosa – Former Editor In Chief

Working for The Montclarion has taught me more than any college course I’ve ever taken. I have experienced firsthand the power of the press. I have learned the value of teamwork and the importance of different perspectives. I have developed a deep respect for the journalists of our day, as they face greater challenges and opposition than any time in American history. But most of all, I have learned about myself—my strengths and my downfalls—through leading this outstanding group of people for the past year, and it is an experience that I will forever look back on with fondness.

Next semester, The Montclarion will be moving into the new school of communication and media building. The new office, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of Manhattan, is a substantial upgrade from the windowless office in the basement of the Student Center that I’ve worked in for the last three years. As bitter-sweet as it is to graduate just as The Montclarion is moving on to bigger and better, I am proud to represent the last class of editors to call that old office home.

From that office, our staff has covered a variety of breaking news stories—including the death of the campus baseball stadium namesake Yogi Berra, a hit-and-run accident which put a Montclair State student in a coma, student protests about the use of blackface in the school’s production of “Aida,” and rallies in the quad following Donald Trump’s election.

Nothing we accomplished during my time at The Montclarion would have been possible without the help and support of our faculty advisor, Tara George, who taught me to be “polite, but persistent.” I’d also like to thank the brilliant and creative minds who consistently contributed unique ideas that made our coverage of Montclair State University campus life better.

To the best Montclarion staff to date, you’ve made me a better journalist, a better team player and a better person. Thank you.

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