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Senior Goodbye: Emily

by Emily Rovner

Emily Rovner – Former Opinion Editor

I am a procrastinator. While my character flaw has often misguided me, I had no idea it would lead me to one of the most meaningful parts of my college experience.

I joined The Montclarion in a last-ditch attempt to complete crew hours for a Television History class, and three years later, though I am no longer a television and digital media major, I am still here.

While there have been some long nights and questionably over-the-top articles, I have loved every minute of my time as opinion editor, assistant and writer. The Montclarion pushed me to cover topics I would have never thought to on my own and look at things from a different perspective. There have often been times where I blankly stared at an even blanker computer screen, but over the last three years, I have grown tremendously as a writer, editor and maybe even as a person, if that is not too cheesy to admit.

I am so fortunate to have worked alongside such amazing and dedicated people who have put a tremendous amount of effort into continuing to improve The Montclarion each week. Everyone in that office breathes life into this 89-year-old publication and has made it much more than words and photos on a page.

Working at The Montclarion has allowed me to see Montclair
State University as so much more than cold classrooms and long walks to Car Parc
Diem. Working at The Montclarion made Montclair State University home.

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