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The Disappointment of Dorming

by Sam Carliner

When living on a college campus, it is best to set your expectations low. While there are worse spaces to live, college housing — regardless of the school — is usually not a luxurious experience. One should expect a small space, mediocre appliances and furniture, and the risk of a less than compatible roommate.

While most dorms on campus could benefit from renovations, Bohn Hall is past the point of repair. Even before a recent pipe burst caused severe water damage to three upper floors, Bohn was in decay. Freezing from insufficient heating, athlete’s foot from the bathroom floors and faulty elevators were just a few of the problems residents have experienced.

Although repairs have been made recently to the building including new windows and heating, there always seem to be more repairs that could be done. That being said, the layout of Bohn Hall with its tight-knit floors and close living quarters results in memorable college experiences.

Blanton Hall is better than Bohn, but that is not saying much. The building is designed like a prison with a large food court in the middle surrounded by halls. The halls surrounding the food court consist of rooms on two sides. Trying to get sleep on the side of the hall closest to the food court is difficult. Windows face the food court and the lights remain on all night, so your room will still have light shining in late at night.


Vaniele Casimir | The Montclarion

Outside rooms are better, but there is not nearly enough space for two people. Many residents once had trouble getting into their rooms because the card readers, which act as locks, had stopped working. Many of the washers and dryers would also frequently malfunction.

Count Basie Hall in the Village Apartments is a resident building that was supposedly renovated over the summer. The lack of warm water and the broken cabinet handle in some kitchens suggests otherwise. The new furniture that was added to the room features some of the most uncomfortable couches to exist. Sitting on the couch for more than an hour can cause severe back pains. Dishwashers often have to be run twice before they clean anything.

Every building on campus comes with its own specific set of problems, but there are also plenty of issues universal to all dorms on campus. Water on campus needs to be filtered. In general, it is good to filter tap water no matter where you live, but the murkiness of unfiltered tap water on campus is unsettling.

Insufficient heating is another problem. You would think a school as cold as Montclair State would invest more in making sure residents do not have to bundle up in blankets to stay warm.

Room and board at Montclair State costs thousands of dollars, but that money does not seem to be making any difference in the conditions of these living spaces. If Montclair State has the money to make a new building every year, they should have the money to repair the buildings that are already here. Residents pay a lot to live on campus, and they deserve better.

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