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Time’s Up Grammys

by Vaniele Casimir

Time’s up. 2018 is the year of the feminist and female empowerment. Every woman deserves a voice, especially those who have fallen victim to the cruel treatment of sexual assault, harassment and any uncomfortable sexual encounter. We are a little over a month into the new year, and the women of Hollywood have made a prominent statement. They will no longer accept the disgusting actions of the men in Hollywood.

Of course, not all men are cruel and sexually abusive; many men are taking part in this movement. In all of the award shows so far in 2018, several celebrities who support the Time’s Up movement wore matching attire as a representation of unity.

Most recently at the Grammys, the red carpet was filled with celebrities either carrying or wearing a pinned white rose on their clothing. According to the Time’s Up Twitter account, the white roses at the Grammys “symbolizes respect, pays homage to new beginnings and expresses hope for the future.” Some of the individuals spotted with the white rose were Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson and countless others.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Janelle Monae spoke out in supporting the Time’s Up movement prior to introducing Kesha’s performance of her chart topping song, “Praying.” Monae spoke of how “we are also daughters, wives, sisters, mothers and human beings.” The true meaning behind the Time’s Up movement is to stand up for all women and fight for equality among all humans. Several social media platforms raved about the white roses that flooded the red carpet.

The Time’s Up movement is allowing for sexual abuse victims to speak out against their abusers knowing that there are countless people who will support them. The Time’s Up movement is a monumental and necessary shift in power that will make a difference in society.

When I first saw the celebrities with the white roses on the red carpet, I immediately knew that this was another feminist statement made by the actresses and actors of Hollywood. I became overjoyed to know that the Time’s Up movement continues to be represented at each award show.

Fortunately, I have never personally experienced sexual harassment, but many individuals who are close to me have. Now the Hollywood community is representing these hurt individuals. I am a feminist, and I am very proud of that. I have marched in the Women’s March for the past two years and I stand up for equal rights. Seeing that my personal views are represented in Hollywood fills me with pride.

The world is starting to catch up with the reality of the stance that the Time’s Up Movement is taking. There is no difference between women and men. The only thing that had been preventing women from receiving the treatment they deserve is the sexism within our society.

Women are truly taking a stance to prove to the world they are worthy and empowered. Women know they deserve to be treated with the same level or respect and dignity as any man, so this stance is providing me with a sense of hope.

I hope that the Time’s Up movement allows for women to feel safe to speak up about the terrible experiences they may have encountered, whether it be sexual harassment, abuse, discrimination in the workplace or any other experience.

I also am hopeful that the Time’s Up movement will open the eyes of individuals who feel as though women are inferior. Time’s Up will help them to see that women are no different. Women are changing the world, and now it’s time for the world to realize it.

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