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The Which Wich Trials

by Thomas Neira

In September, I wrote a particularly damaging article about a bad experience I had at Which Wich, my favorite sandwich shop on campus. I had such a terrible time that it prompted me to write an opinion piece, and I haven’t bought any food on campus since that fateful day. I’ve been making my own sandwiches and packing granola bars from home every day before my daily commute to school.

Nonetheless, once I heard that Which Wich was closing, I knew what I had to do. I had to get over my last experience, swallow my pride and go back to the scene of the crime for one final Wich.

IMG_5722 edited (4).jpeg

Students draw pictures of the things they will miss about Which Wich.
Adrianna Caraballo | The Montclarion

My visit during the shop’s dying week was much different than my last visit. I saw that they had brought back some of the bags, but only if you wanted to build your own sandwich. If you wanted one of the specialty sandwiches, you had to fill out a thick, disappointing sheet of paper.

Now, since you have decided to choose a bagless sandwich, you are handed your sandwich in only aluminum foil like some kind of animal. Luckily, I chose to build my own, so mine was given to me in a respectable bag.

I unwrapped my sandwich and was pleased to see that my order was exactly right, instead of the so very wrong mess I was given back in September. The sandwich itself also tasted good enough, nothing spectacular about it, but I wasn’t let down like I was last time. It shouldn’t be hard for a sub sandwich shop to make a decent sub, so I don’t think Which Wich deserves any particular commendation of what is already expected of them.

One aspect of my visit that I found greatly troubling was when my girlfriend realized she wasn’t given enough change and was missing two dollars. I went back to the register with her to ask for the two dollars back, only to find ourselves waiting for nearly fifteen minutes as the employees emptied out the entire register and counted everything only to realize that they had, in fact, failed to give her two measly dollars.

If it were a larger amount of money that was claimed to have been missing then I would have understood, but it was two measly dollars. I understand that it might be store policy that all the money in the register must be counted, but they were acting like they were not about to close down days later. And, just to reiterate, it was two measly dollars.

I then reflected on my time attending Montclair State University and the countless Which Wich subs I have had during that time. They had made me so happy and brought joy to my face and stomach alike. I have fond memories of my trips to Blanton Hall and grabbing my favorite sandwich, but it was obvious that in its final days the magic had gone. I stepped into the store and didn’t even recognize my own surroundings. What once seemed like an oasis in the middle of a desert was now just mere sand.

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Entertainment editor, Thomas Neira, poses as he says his final goodbye to Which Wich.
Mackenzie Robertson | The Montclarion

Now, I don’t want to take responsibility for closing down Which Wich, but I do think it’s worth noting the coincidence in how it closed only two months after my article was published. There is a small sense of pride to be taken in that, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty. How could I betray the sandwich shop that I held so dear to my heart?

It took some reflection, but I stand by my actions. As a student journalist, it is my duty to serve the student body. I may have pegged down Which Wich, but it is only because I know the students of our school deserve the best sandwich shop experience. If the cost of that is the shop being shut down, then so be it.

The present may seem bleak right now in Blanton Hall, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the upcoming spring semester will see the introduction of a Jersey Mike’s in Which Wich’s place. I guess this could be considered sweet justice on the part of Montclair State, so kudos to Dining Services on this decision.

Now, I would like to take this time to say goodbye to Which Wich.

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Students mourn the loss of Which Wich with drawings.
Adrianna Caraballo | The Montclarion

Thank you for all the lunches and long days you have gotten me through. I may not have always had good days, but thanks to you, at least I wasn’t hungry.

And to Jersey Mike’s, you may not be here, but let me be the first one to welcome you to Montclair State. Expect me on line for a sub our first week back in January.

You will be hearing from me soon.



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