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Club Baseball Team Bonds Through Play

by Montclarion Sports
The team huddles together on the field at Yogi Berra Stadium. Photo by Daniel Waffenfeld.

The team huddles together on the field at Yogi Berra Stadium.
Photo by Daniel Waffenfeld.

The club baseball team has a new look this year with more motivation and determination than ever before. Co-Presidents Rolando Ramirez and Marty Keating have been bringing new energy and attitude into the locker room that has helped the team execute more efficiently than in previous years. The team is currently 3-2 in the conference and 4-2 overall. With some major games left in the season the team is looking to continue to improve and develop along the way. This is the team’s sixth year since being established in 2010. The first year the team was created, they were ranked number nine in the nation and they are hoping to live up to those standards this year.

The entire team has been enjoying each others company and supporting each other throughout the season. “This team is like one big family. We all hang out together on and off the field, plus its like a big band of brothers who love to play baseball,” Keating said. “We are all here because we want to be part of the team and we want to win, but have fun at the same time.”

The Red Hawks have been motivated to work hard and put as much effort as possible into practices so that they can perform better during games. Keating believes that if they keep themselves focused on having fun they will take the field as a more relaxed team. “We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, if we tense up then we’ll lose the game. If we can have fun with one another and share a laugh then the team will be able to over come any obstacles.”

The team’s hard work has been paying off so far as they work towards making the playoffs and eventually the College World Series in Kansas City. “Our goal is to make the playoffs for the first time in our teams history which would be a major honor,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez has been an inspirational leader on the team this season, after suffering an injury before the season preventing him to return to action until it is fully healed. “In order to be successful we need to play hard for another and trust the men around them,” Ramirez said. “I’m making sure they’re not taking each day for granted we’re pushing ourselves to be the best in every way imaginable.”

The team looks to seniors Ramirez and Keating for guidance, being they have both been on the team for four years. Ramirez followed up by saying, “the chemistry is not only what brings us together as a strong team but it’s also my favorite part being surrounded by the guys. Our team is close and always tells jokes to lighten up the mood and enjoy the game we all love so much.”

The Red Hawks know how to enjoy the game on and off the field which is certainly important when balancing their busy schedule. “We are able to put aside the seriousness and just have fun,” said teammate Mike Chance. “The team this year is more open and ready to have fun rather than last year’s team which was much more serious and passed along a completely different energy.”

Everyone has been working with each other to improve their individual performance and skills. “I think this team will excel because every single person on the team deserves their spot and regardless of who is or isn’t playing, there is no weak spot,” Chance said. “We all simply love baseball and want to try and be the best we can possible be.”

The remaining games of the schedule will be played on Oct. 23 at home at Yogi Berra stadium against Steven’s Institute of Technology followed by a three game series the next weekend, Oct. 29- Oct. 30, against Lafayette college to close out their fall season.

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