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Published February 23, 2017
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The Montclarion
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Carol Blazejowski pictured in a Montclarion article in a Feburary 1975 issue featuring her game against Princeton University. Photo Courtesy of Daniel Waffenfeld and Jamie Iacono

Carol Blazejowski’s career started here as a freshman “Squaw” playing for Montclair State College. Being a freshman meant that Blaze was held to very high standards on the court. She needed to be the best, and the best meant beating Princeton University.

In an epic showdown against New Jersey rival Princeton University, Montclair State played a competitive game to pull off a huge victory. Blazejowski and Anne Fuller came to play as they each played their hearts out to narrow a huge deficit.

The Tigers scored first leading in the first minutes of the game, but Montclair State fought hard to get back into the game. Blazejowski and Randy Burdick scored eight points each to cut the lead and create some pressure on the Tigers. The Squaws continued on a hot streak, as lead rebounder Fuller came up big with 12 rebounds and Blazejowski knocked down 35 points.

At halftime Montclair State led 47-17 in a surprising blowout. Princeton’s defense had trouble stopping the Squaws’ fast powered offense and couldn’t answer offensively as Montclair State out-rebounded the entire second half.

Montclair States’s coach, Cathy Paskert, was determined all season to win this game. She told The Montclarion, “We should do a better job off the boards.”

The Squaws ended up with a 77-30 victory.

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