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What A Man Wants

by Olivia Yayla

A man wants a book, a new edition to his vast library

An exciting conversation starter for his nightly dinner parties

A man wants a book, one with a red hardcover and a simple plot

Bound tightly at the spine– unopened– unread

One he can skim when he finds the time, glossing over the title page

Silencing the narrator when the words become difficult

So he can summarize its intestines, its beating heart, its breathing message

Only ever based on its first page, never greeting the lively characters

To listen to what they have to say

Never feeling the world within

A man wants a book, for his friends to drool over

To pat him on the back for finding this specific edition,

Lord knows it was hard to find– a hardcover beneath stacks of paperbacks

One that doesn’t surprise him, one with no conflict between the lines

A man wants a book, one decoratively placed beneath candle sticks and coasters

Trapped upon a white marble side table.

Next to all the others he never bothered to read.

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