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‘Westworld’ Season 2: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

by Robert O'Connor

This article contains spoilers.

Known for its confusing and deeply intertwined plots, all-star cast and creation by Jonathan Nolan (Christopher Nolan’s brother), “Westworld” follows a futuristic amusement park where guests can interact with robots in any way they see fit.

After over a year into its hiatus, “Westworld” is back with its second season. Now that multiple hosts – or robots – have processed consciousness, all bets are off. Season two picks up its predecessor’s plotlines with the hosts killing humans while the company’s executive board is now trapped in the park. The robots, having abandoned their assigned narratives, want revenge.

What is perhaps most interesting about HBO’s show is the multiple narratives interwoven throughout the story. Last season featured three separate timelines, a fact most viewers did not pick up on until the finale.

It seems this year will continue the trend of confusing timelines jumping back and forth between the day after Ford’s murder and two weeks after when the park’s parent company, Delos, comes in to correct what happened. However, knowing “Westworld,” I am sure it is only going to get more complex throughout the following nine episodes.

The host Maeve, who prior to gaining consciousness ran a brothel after the death of her child, has abandoned all fallacies of her former life. She knows what she is, where she is and while she does not seem to know how to get out, she knows that she has to try. After years of being used for the pleasure of the park’s guests, Maeve has no qualms about killing those who stand in her way.

Dolores is still with Teddy, violently shooting everyone they can. While Teddy is clearly conflicted by all of the carnage, it does not seem to faze Dolores. I would not be surprised if by the end of the season, she has formed plans to take over the human world.

The Man in Black, one of last season’s main antagonists, is still alive and happier than ever now that his greatest desire has come true after 30 years of visiting the park. The hosts can finally fight back. While he too seems to be trapped in the park, he does not seem to be particularly worried.

The same cannot be said for the rest of the park’s board members. They find themselves being hunted by the hosts and an increasing amount have discovered they are not human. Charlotte is still alive because everyone’s favorite host/co-creator of the park, Bernard, has saved her.

In only the first episode of the 10-episode season, much has been revealed. There was mention of “Park Six,” which would imply that there are at least five other parks, not including Westworld. Shogun World, which is apparently populated with Japanese warriors from centuries ago, has already been confirmed. However, the remaining parks are a mystery for now.

It seems as though Delos is collecting visitor’s information which is possibly to base the hosts off of them. With Facebook’s ongoing privacy scandal, parallels are not difficult to draw.

There is still much to come with the second season of “Westworld.” Audiences can expect interconnected storylines, robot carnage, a surprising amount of nudity, the introduction of multiple worlds and whatever else HBO can dream up.

As often said in “Westworld,” “These violent delights have violent ends.” Since season one focuses more so on the violent delights that the guests take up while in the park, season two can be expected to come to a violent and captivating conclusion.

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