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Class Registration Proves More Difficult Than Just the Click of a Button

by Victoria Garcia

Registering for classes should be a simple and clear routine. However, for upperclassmen rushing to graduate on time, registration week can be more stressful than any midterm or final exam.

Obstacles that could be faced during the registration process include last minute pin number requirements, classes filling up within minutes and a conveniently faulty WiFi connection.

Nicholas Gugliemi, a history major and first-year transfer student, described his past registration experience as anything but easy.

“It’s frustrating. Even if I register a few minutes late, my required classes could already be taken,” Gugliemi said. “I either have to be put on a wait-list and hope for the best or just wait even longer to take the course in the following semester.”

Even though upperclassmen tend to feel the brute force of a frustrating registration week, underclassmen are susceptible to just as much stress.

History major and first-year transfer student Nicholas Gugliemi has had difficult registration experiences in the past.
Victoria Garcia | The Montclarion Photo credit: Victoria Garcia

Sophomore family science and human development major Lucila Montes-Valdez shares similar sentiments with Gugliemi.

“This week is extremely stressful due to making sure you log in on time and get the classes you want without knowing if they’re already full or not,” Montes-Valdez said.

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisers prior to their registration time. The advisers make sure they are on the right track to meet their individual graduation requirements. Students who are new or unsure about registration should be able to rely on their advisers to alleviate any anxieties they might have.

Some students may still have a bad experience with registration if their advisers are not exactly the most helpful. Sophomore fashion major Anthony Gatchalian was displeased with his adviser’s tight schedule and failure to provide clear registration information.

Sophomore fashion major Anthony Gatchalian had a difficult experience with his adviser during registration week.
Victoria Garcia | The Montclarion Photo credit: Victoria Garcia

“I’m a commuter and I work part-time in New York City, so I’d like my adviser to be more flexible than just being available one day out of the week,” Gatchalian said. “I also wasn’t told I needed a registration pin after I spoke to my adviser so I couldn’t register for the classes that I really needed.”

Registration for the spring 2019 semester takes place from Monday, Nov. 11 to Friday, Nov. 16.



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