Unofficial Midterm Election Results are in from Machuga Heights


Published November 14, 2018
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The Montclarion
Students could pose with props in the photo booth provided at the Machuga Heights voting location on election day, Nov. 6. Rebecca Serviss | The Montclarion

The 2018 midterm elections proved to be one of the most engaging elections in midterm history. Roughly 113 million people around the country voted, making it the first midterm election to surpass 100 million participants.

At Montclair State University, students had the opportunity to meet Democratic House Representative Mikie Sherill and former Vice President Joe Biden when Sherill’s campaign trail hit campus in September.

The Office of Civic and Voter Engagement was also working hard in the effort to get students to vote. This organization held multiple events to emphasize the importance of college students registering to vote and participating in elections.

Residence building Machuga Heights hosted a polling area to prevent students from needing to travel off campus to vote. The midterm election results for Machuga Heights are the following:

Total Votes Casted

  • 186

New Jersey House of Representatives 11th District

  • Mikie Sherill (D): 144
  • Jay Webber (R): 14

New Jersey Senate

  • Bob Menendez (D): 150
  • Bob Hugin (R): 21

According to Machuga Heights’ current results, roughly 78 percent of students voted for Mikie Sherill and eight percent for Jay Webber for the House. For the Senate, about 81 percent of students voted for Bob Menendez and 11 percent for Bob Hugin.

While these are the results for our direct campus voting location, mail-in ballots are still being counted for those who live on campus and did not register to vote locally.


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