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Eleni Falcon’s Crochet Commissions Are off the Hook

by Adrian Maldonado

Montclair State University alumna Eleni Falcon has turned crochet from a hobby to a side hustle. Falcon grew up in Queens Village, New York and always had a passion for arts and crafts.

One day while Falcon was strolling through Michaels, an art supplies store, she stumbled upon some yarn she fell in love with because of the vibrant colors and soft texture. Not knowing this would turn into her side business, picking up those spools of yarn changed Falcon’s life.

Crochet is the process of creating fabric by using crochet hooks to loop yarn or other materials. Unlike knitting, where two needles are used, crochet uses one single hook and motion to interlock the threads to create different patterns of choice.

Falcon started crocheting in February 2019 but did not start selling her work until April 2019.

“I wanted to make sure that the product I was selling was of high quality and not something that would unravel after one wash,” Falcon said.

Eleni Falcon has made many beanies for her friends.
Adrian Maldonado | The Montclarion

Falcon has made a variety of different products such as warm beanies, stylish shirts and even cozy blankets. The products are full of color, ranging from a mossy-colored beanie to a beautiful ombre-colored blanket.

Falcon taught herself how to crochet by watching hours worth of content through YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. One of Falcon’s biggest inspirations is an Instagram account called @daisyfarmcrafts, who regularly posts new stitches, patterns and beginner projects.

However, as Falcon watched many YouTube videos, she struggled to adjust to the techniques as a lot of the videos were for right-handed people and she was left-handed.

“Don’t get me wrong, it was really easy to learn,” Falcon said. “But being left-handed, I had to mirror everything that the videos did which brought an extra challenge to the table.”

As Falcon weaves her hands and her crochet hooks to make extraordinary products, she is slowly mastering the craft and has gotten a lot of attention from her friends and Instagram followers. She has started to sell her products to people she knows and has gotten commissions from several of her friends through social media.

Jacob Hildreth, a senior communication and media arts major, stumbled upon Falcon’s work through her Instagram story. Falcon posted a picture of her products and Hildreth commissioned her to make a beanie for him.

Eleni Falcon crotchets a commission for Jacob Hildreth.
Adrian Maldonado | The Montclarion

“I saw her work and I instantly fell in love with what she does,” Hildreth said. “I wanted to support her local craft and I asked her how much she charged for it. I thought it was a reasonable price for the amount of work she puts into it and how great quality her products are.”

Depending on the type of yarn or the length of the product, Falcon’s products range anywhere $15 to $50. Falcon only sells her work through social media and is currently looking to open up her own website.

“I don’t want to open up an Etsy shop because Etsy does take some commission away from the crafters or creators,” Falcon said. “But I’ve been trying to post more on my social media and create a Facebook page for more people to commission me in the near future.”

Nur Abouzid, a non-student, has been friends with Falcon for over a year now. Abouzid describes Falcon as the most kind-hearted, bubbly and talented person she knows.

“It is difficult to maintain and continue pursuing a hobby while working and taking care of yourself,” Abouzid said. “She’s remained persistent at becoming better at crocheting and stays on top of her commissions. The quality she produces hasn’t failed to impress me.”

As Falcon continues to master the craft of crocheting, she is excited for what the future has in store for her. She is currently seeking a career in the television production industry but she still wants to keep crocheting as a side hobby.

To commission Falcon for different pieces, message her on Instagram @lahnz__.

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