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EDITORIAL: The Headache of Registration

by Avery Nixon

Every single semester, students go through the same headache of registering for classes. It is a constant battle to try and register as the website is constantly down, signing people out or taking forever to load.

Last year, The Montclarion reported, “Montclair State University students were prepared to register for the upcoming academic term until the institution’s Banner student system started experiencing multiple issues and disrupted the process. Some were reporting ‘website Error 404’ messages during the time of registration. Others complain about white screens, registration errors with classes and the system crashing right before hitting submit. For some, even Nest and Navigate have crashed, causing students to lose access to meetings with their advisors.”

Students should not have to go through the five stages of grief to register for creative thinking through math.

Students need the best chance possible to get the required classes so they can graduate on time. A website that crashes the second it is time to register for classes is not going to help anyone.

This is a consistent problem that needed fixing years ago. Instead, Montclair State University spends its time and resources on nonsense such as rebranding itself as Montclair rather than Montclair State.

A working registration for classes is one of the single most important aspects of being a functional educational institution. It is honestly embarrassing that this problem persists and there does not seem to be any solution or progress made. But thanks for the renovated baseball stadium which only benefits those select few who play the sport.

It seems Montclair State and President Jonathan Koppell always seem to try and better our school but fail when it comes to stuff students actually care about.

Dorming? A nightmare. Parking? Abysmal. Registration? One of the most stressful things you will deal with at this campus.

So why are there no solutions to our problems? Why do we have to continually speak out and beg for the betterment of our school?

We know we can not magically spawn a new parking lot or parking garage on campus, but we can let in fewer students to help with the high demand for parking spots and dorms. We can also fix the website to handle the high amounts of traffic on it.

It is time we fix this issue once and for all.

Maybe there can be more blocks of time for students to register so there is less traffic on the website.

More resources could be allocated to the University’s Information Technology department, which is a good investment not just for registration, but on the whole in an increasingly digital world. More staff, and more importantly, more server space, would be a massive benefit to the campus community, as registration is far from the only technological issue our campus faces on a regular basis.

Students need a non-stressful registration to get them the classes they need to graduate. They also need to be able to make a schedule that allows them to participate in sports or have a job.

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