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The Girl From the Dark Side

by Anexis Matos

I never liked her,

but she’s still there.

Just waiting

to be released.

She bides her time

until she knows she can come out

and release her rage

upon her target.

Her dark eyes

stare out into the world.

She constantly looks at her surroundings

and glares at those

who have made her who she is.

She remembers her past

and glares at her memories

while she plunges

into an ocean of grief

where she wonders

what she could have done differently

to change the events

that made her who she is.

She’s a monster with poisonous fangs,

created by pain and suffering.

She’s filled with resentment

and a strong desire for revenge.

A strong desire

to make those who hurt her

feel guilt.

A strong desire

for them to apologize

and truly mean it.

When someone attacks,

her poisonous fangs

sink sharply into her target.

She takes over like a ghost

and dominates my every move.

I can’t think

I can’t stop her

when she decides

to let out all her anger.

The grudge she holds

increases her resentment

towards those in her past

who have already hurt her

and increases her desire

to stop others

from inflicting more pain.

When her attack is over

and her rage has gone down to a minimum,

she returns to her lair,

her mind filled with dark thoughts.

I return to my previous state

when she’s gone.

A state

where I’m calm,

knowing she’ll return once more

to deliver another attack.

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