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A Love Letter to Montclair State University

by Emily Christian

There are days when the wind whips between Dinallo and Machuga. Within the dorms, it sounds like someone is singing a lonely tune. On the outside, your cheeks are on fire from the lashing the cold gives. One short fifteen minute breakfast run could give you red cheeks for hours.

On your walk to class, Blanton Hall comes into view. Other buildings hide behind Blanton like it is the eldest sister in the family and everyone wants a treat from their mother. Bohn Hall peaks from her sister’s left shoulder, and University Hall peaks from her right.

Climbing the hill to University Hall will suck the breath out of your lungs if you are not particularly fit. But you will get to see students, shuttles, and cars bustling underneath her as you take the plunge on a cold February day. The shuttles, cars, and students will still be there when you open the door, ready for your first class.

Have you ever noticed that when you first enter University Hall, the lighting fixture looks like a piece of the moon, glowing bright?

A piece of the moon on a string, just for you.

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