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‘Arrow’ Season 4 Preview

by Montclarion Entertainment

The logo for the television series which centers on DC’s hero, The Green Arrow.
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org.

Arrow will begin its fourth season on Oct. 7 and seems like it will fix some of the problems it had last season. The third season of Arrow was not able to capitalize on the things that went right in season two. Instead, it had a jumbled mess that just didn’t mesh well with the overall tone of the show. The villain, Ra’s al Ghul, was well-portrayed by Matt Nable, but didn’t have the menace or personal connection that Slade Wilson had in season two.

This season, however, the producers have been boasting a new show, with Oliver Queen now referred to as the Green Arrow.

With a villain that has a long-standing rivalry with the now-deceased Ra’s al Ghul, season three may tie into the events of season four.


Stephen Amell, pictured at Comic-Con, plays the role of the Green Arrow on the show. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore (flickr).

With Sara Lance’s resurrection aided by Constantine, revived from NBC’s failed series, Malcom Merlyn becoming the new Ra’s al Ghul and the repercussions of Thea Queen’s trip to the Lazarus Pit, season four promises to change the tone of the show and pick up on the mistakes that were made in season three.


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