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Chalk it out! The RedChawks are the Chalk of the Town!

by Casey Masterson

There is hardly anyone who can pass up the glory of a good meme. They are a great way to get a quick laugh that can be shared with friends easily.

Montclair State University’s RedChawks have been gracing the campus with memes drawn in chalk. Examples of which include handsome Squidward, “I’m fine” and Rocky in the Spongebob meme pose.

The RedChawks were happy to offer commentary on their work around campus. They have asked to be referred to as Z, N and E respectively.

The group explained that staying anonymous is important to them for many reasons.

“It’s fun for people to feel like they are in on the secret,” N said.

IMG_2550 edited.jpg

Chalk art created by the Montclair RedChawks can be seen on their Instagram @MontclairRedChawks.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

The RedChawks feel it is fun for people to stumble upon them and discover their identity. They are welcoming of this discovery and they post where they will be drawing next on their Instagram @MontclairRedChawks.

The members of the RedChawks boast a humble beginning. N explained that the idea of drawing memes on campus started as a funny idea before blooming into a delightful reality.

Their first meme was done in the Bohn Hall and Blanton Hall Quad. They were quick to draw in onlookers.

“The first person to talk to us was a cop,” N said. “He loved it and requested Patrick [from Spongebob] in fishnets.”

This first interaction speaks to the positive reinforcement that the RedChawks have met.

“[The reaction] is really positive,” Z said. “It’s crazy, we never thought we would get so popular.”

The RedChawks shared several stories about people admiring their work. They even claim to stand among the people who fondly gaze at their art to hear their thoughts.

It is not just artwork that they bring to campus, but a positive and happy atmosphere.

“[The RedChawks bring] happiness too,” E said. “People get so happy when they see us.”

Nick Parente, a junior accounting major, shared that he looks forward to seeing the RedChawks’ work across campus.

“I think [the art pieces] make people laugh,” Parente said. “I know I smile when I see it.”

Parente is not the odd man out in feeling this way. Sarah DiPippa, a sophomore television production major, feels the same.

“Every time I walk by [the memes] they put a smile on my face,” DiPippa said.

Taylor Risley, a junior TV production major, thinks they bring more than happiness to Montclair State.

“I think the RedChawks help bring attention to the campus community and helps students get involved,” Risley said.

DiPippa also commented on the RedChawks’ ability to stay on top of their content.

“They’re always up to date with the latest trends,” DiPippa said.

This can be acknowledged through the rendering of the newer meme “Imma head out” as well as their Halloweentown pumpkin.

It is not just meme culture and holidays that they keep track of, but campus events as well.

“The RedChawks acknowledged Rocky’s birthday,” Risley said.

IMG_2535 edited.jpg

The RedChawks work on a Spongebob Meme inspired piece.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

As aforementioned, they drew Rocky as a popular Spongebob meme for his birthday. Hopefully the RedChawks will continue their connection with the campus, and create art for other campus events.

The RedChawks are always open to ideas.

“We get requests or someone has an idea before we get there,” Z said.

This prompted interviewed students to share what they would like to see next.

“I would like to see a spooky chalk drawing for Halloween,” Parente said.

Risley wanted to keep the on-campus connection going.

IMG_2533 edited.jpg

The RedChalks work on a piece for Rocky’s 18th birthday.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

“I would love to see Rocky sipping tea, like the Kermit the frog meme,” Risley said.

DiPippa follows a similar theme to Risley, but has no specific idea for a meme.

“[I want] a meme in front of University Hall,” DiPippa said.

The RedChawks have brought a colorfully positive tradition to campus. In light of this positive response, one can only hope they will continue to draw memes.

The RedChawks can be followed on their Instagram @MontclairRedChawks. If you want to see what art they have done so far or see where they will strike next, be sure to stay up to date with their social media.

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