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Danison Fronda Makes Being Involved Look Easy

by Montclarion Feature

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Danison Fronda is a student at Montclair State Univesity who is involved in many ways. He is from Belleville and majors in accounting with a minor in dance. While in college, Fronda has been part of RecBoard,  an organization within the Student Recreation Center. He is the membership chair for this organization. Fronda really likes to dance in his free time, since he only gets to dance in class mostly. His favorite type of dance is ballet, and he is often referred to as the “ballet boy.”

Fronda is also very into sign language, and he knows sign language really well. He has a YouTube channel, where he uses American Sign Language in order to translate songs. On his channel, he once translated Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” into sign language.

Fronda also works at the Student Recreation Center as a building manager, which gives him a huge responsibility, since he is the one running the building while on shift. While working, he walks around and makes sure everything is running smoothly, and he also helps with all of the patrons and any incident that might occur. When asked, Fronda said he “loves being a building manager and talking to his staff.” It all shows that he is able to handle many different personalities and tries his best to make everyone happy.

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