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Faculty Spotlight: Professor Sultana

by Purnasree Saha

Kazi Zakia Sultana came from Bangladesh and started teaching at Montclair State University in the computer science department in fall 2018 as a full-time professor.

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Professor Sultana is originally from Bangladesh.
Annabel Reyes | The Montclarion

Sultana earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from Bangladesh University of Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She then got her master’s degree in 2011 from Wayne University in Detroit, Michigan.

Next, Sultana earned her Ph.D. at Mississippi State University in August of 2018. After she graduated, she started to work as an assistant professor in September 2018.

Research is what led her to have an interest in teaching.

“Independence of doing the work in my way happens in a teaching profession,” Sultana said.

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This semester Sultana is teaching computational concepts, which involves python programming and software engineering.
Kristoffer Fernandez | The Montclarion

Sultana continues to perform research while she teaches others and values the ability to work independently. However, she also appreciates working alongside others that share her passion for computer science and engineering.

“On campus I enjoy working with colleagues and with their collaboration,” Sultana said.

She first started teaching undergraduate students in business programs and was focused on introductory concepts.

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Professor Sultana continues to perform research in addition to teaching courses.
Annabel Reyes | The Montclarion

“I taught students who were business majors and I introduced the concepts of mathematics and algebra,” Sultana said. “After teaching students with business majors, I then moved to the University to teach in the computer science and engineering department.”

This semester she is teaching computational concepts, which involves python programming and software engineering.

Richard Barber, a senior computer science major, has taken a course with Sultana and believes she creates a welcoming atmosphere for students to learn.

“Sultana gives students the chance to ask questions about certain topics that are discussed in class,” Barber said. “Also, she allows many students to participate in class by grouping them up and allowing them to work on the task at hand.”

Sultana shared that teaching at Montclair State means that she is not able to see her family during the semester.

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Professor Sultana poses with her husband on their wedding day.
Photo courtesy of Kazi Zakia Sultana

“I don’t teach during the summer session because my husband lives in another state and I go and visit him,” Sultana said. “During the summer I also enjoy doing research either at home or on campus. When I do research at home, I have collaboration with other campuses and do it on Skype.”

In her downtime, Sultana enjoys watching international films within the adventure and thriller genres. The movies that she watches are either in Indian or English. She also enjoys reading books and magazines during her free time.

Gardening is another hobby for Sultana, but she doesn’t have the chance now because she is living in a rental home.

“Whenever there are events going on campus such as career fairs and concerts with different students I like to attend those as well,” she said.

Sultana hopes to continue her career at Montclair State where she considers teaching more advanced courses in the future.

“If I get the chance to teach graduate courses, then I will teach it at [Montclair State],” Sultana said.

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